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3/8" AR500 Post

3/8" AR500 Post

BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT LIMITED TO 10% ON THIS ITEM. Please contact us at to order during the Black Friday sale.


IMPORTANT: This is not currently a stocked item. Ship date will be approximately 2-4 weeks from ordering.


This is our most durable target hanging system to date. It is hands down THE hanger to have if you want to greatly reduce your target maintenance. With the post and hook being made of 3/8" AR500, there is literally nothing visible to the shooter that is not meant to handle rifle impacts. One AR500 Post Kit can replace a T post, target hanger, and post protector making the cost difference nearly a wash in some cases.


  • 3/8" AR500 construction means ultimate durability
  • Specially designed hook keeps small targets ON the hanger
  • Fewer mistaken impacts on post protectors
  • Can be pounded into the ground with most common post pounders
  • Two ground spades provide extreme stability
  • One "drop stop" rod keeps the post from sinking into soft ground
  • Available in 3.5 ft, 5 ft, painted, and raw steel configurations
  • Option to add a second hook


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