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Auto Classic Popper

Auto Classic Popper


This classic popper target is 22" tall (excluding the base) and automatically springs back when shot, meaning less time re-setting targets. This makes it great for rifle shooters! The solid base stays put when the target is shot, but can be made wider and taller by adding conduit to the bolt on legs to get your target up and out of the grass. The spring tension and resting angle are adjustable to suit your specific caliber.


  • 3/8" AR500 Steel target face
  • Adjustable spring tension and resting angle for different calibers
  • Target face can be interchanged with the Target Hanging Solutions 28" tall Pepper Popper target
  • Target is powder coated white for high visibility. Stand is painted black.


IMPORTANT: The stand is made of mild steel and is NOT an intended strike surface!

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