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Dueling Tree

Dueling Tree

Challenge your friend to a competetion on this dueling tree and try to flip all the paddles to your buddies side before you run out of ammo! This one of a kind moduluar design easily breaks down in seconds WITHOUT TOOLS for easy transportation to and from the range. This also means it's easier and cheaper to replace parts IF you ever damage the upright post. The tree can be purchased with 1/4" AR500 or 3/8" AR500 paddles. 


  • Breaks down in seconds WITHOUT TOOLS for easy transportation
  • AR500 paddles
  • Forward lean deflects bullet fragments downward
  • Bolt on pivot plates are made of AR500 for lasting durability
  • Paddles come powder coated white. Stand is painted black.


IMPORTANT: Not all calibers will properly spin all the paddles. We suggest 1/4" paddles for 380 ACP up to 45 ACP and 3/8" paddles for 45 ACP and larger. The upright post and stand are made of mild steel and not intended strike surfaces!

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