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Adhesive Target Pad

Adhesive Target Pad

These targets are great to keep in any shooting bag or vehicle for those random rifle zero checks. Made of self adhesive label stock, they easily tear off the pad of 20 targets to stick on any target, target board, or improvised target stand - no stapler needed! The targets feature the THS preferred design of (1) 1"x1" double triangle sighter in the middle of the page and (4) 1/2" diamonds with 1" crosshairs for tight group shooting. We prefer the diamonds and triangles over circles for more precise aiming points as well as lighter colors for easier spotting from the bench.


  • 20 targets per glued pad
  • 4.25" x 5.5" self adhesive label stock
  • Each target features (1) 1" double triangle sighters in the middle and (4) 1/2" diamonds around the outside
  • Light color fill for easy spotting from bench
    $11.99 Regular Price
    $10.19Sale Price
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