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Centerfire Reactive Sitting Coyote

Centerfire Reactive Sitting Coyote

This sitting coyote target is laser cut from quality 3/8" AR500 steel. It features a reactive center vital which is 4" circle and a reactive head vital which is a 3" circle. It comes painted GRAY OR WHITE with red vitals and includes a stand that can be setup anywhwere! The target sits about 24" tall without the stand.


  • Laser cut 3/8" AR500
  • Painted gray with red vitals
  • (2) Reactive vital aiming points for great feedback
  • 3/8" AR500 pivot points and no welds for long lasting durability
  • Comes with portable and sturdy stand to get the target up out of tall grass
  • Weld free design means fewer target failures


Other offers and/or discounts not valid on this product. This target is intended for centerfire rifle use at a minimum of 100 yards. Typical AR500 guidelines apply for maximum impact speed (3000 fps) in order to maximize the safe use life of this target.

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