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Dueling Tree 2.0

Dueling Tree 2.0

Challenge your friend to a competetion on this dueling tree and try to flip all the paddles to your buddies side before you run out of ammo! This one of a kind - totally WELD FREE - design is packed with some of the best commercial grade features on the market. The front of the upright is covered with 3/8" thick AR500 steel, meaning occasional misses - even from rifles - will NOT ruin your target.  The 3/8" thick AR500 paddles work great with most common handgun calibers all the way up to rifle calibers and they pivot inside 3/8" AR500 pivot plates resulting in a target that will outlast most shooters! Although not needed for use, we provide paddle retaining washers and bolts to keep the paddles from being pulled or knocked out of the pivot plates. The forward lean knocks bullet fragments to the ground where they belong while the very stable stand keeps your target in place. On top of all this, the target is available with 6 or 4 paddles, with the option to add on in the future!


  • 3/8" AR500 paddles and pivot plates that work well with .380ACP up to .308Win.
  • 3/8" AR500 front plate for ultimate durability
  • Forward lean deflects bullet fragments downward
  • Paddle retaining hardware included, but not necessary for use
  • Integral stand keeps the whole target very stable while shooting
  • Available with 4 or 6 paddles with option to add on later
  • WELD FREE design for maximum durability
  • Stand comes powder coated/painted black - paddles are white


IMPORTANT: Minimum distance for rifles up to .308Win is 100 yards, however, we suggest 200 yards for the maximum life of your target. Larger rifles should be used at greater distances.

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