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Intermediate Precision Rifle Course

Intermediate Precision Rifle Course

Attention: Read EVERYTHING before registering! THS Website will show out of stock, even if there is room in the class. You MUST register through a Practiscore account via the link below:


Registration Link (through Practiscore)


Location: Willow Creek Wildlife, 20628 Willow Creek Rd, Fort Pierre, SD 57532

Saturday: 8AM-5PM, Sunday: 8AM-2PM

Instructors: Chris Opfer & Brett Barnes

Course Capacity: 10

This class is non-refundable!


This course will be more in depth than an “Intro to Precision Rifle” course and is aimed primarily at competition shooting. It is geared toward the shooter that has maybe shot a couple matches, and is struggling to break through the mid pack point. A portion of the first day will be classroom oriented followed up with some range time to work on what has been learned. Sunday we will work on some drills in the morning followed by some full speed mock stages to bring everything together. Targets will be set up out to 1000 yards. A basic lunch will be provided each day. 


Some major objectives of this course:

  • Tighten up your fundamentals
  • Improve your wind calling techniques
  • Learn proper shot follow through
  • Improve your positional shooting
  • Overcome some of those troublesome mental mistakes that consistently plague shooters from performing to the best of their ability. 


Required equipment to bring:

  • A rifle capable of 1MOA or better with a detachable magazine, zeroed at 100 yards, with a known velocity. Maximum 30 caliber and 3200 fps. Minimum cartridge of .223 Remington. Scope with adjustable turrets and known windage marks on the reticle.
  • 200 rounds of loaded ammunition
  • Bipod that is low enough for prone shooting
  • Shooting bag for prone and positional shooting
  • Ballistic solver (Preferably a Kestrel with ballistics)
  • Notebook
  • Hearing protection
  • Shooting mat if desired
  • Appropriate clothing for any weather possibilities!


You are expected to have some fundamentals prior to this class:

  • Gun safety basics (treat all guns as loaded, always pointed in safe direction, unloaded until instructed otherwise)
  • Familiar with your scope units (MIL or MOA), and knowledge on how to use them
  • Basic knowledge on wind calling and building a shooting position
  • One or more matches under your belt to help identify some weaknesses


About the instructors:

  • Chris has been shooting precision rifle competitions since 2017 with a focus on PRS matches since 2021. He has multiple wins in regional matches, one national level PRS win, and multiple top 10 finishes in national level two day matches.
  • Brett has been shooting precision rifle competitions since 2015. He has multiple wins in regional matches, multiple top 10 finishes in national level two day matches, and a top 5 finish in the 2018 PRS Championship match.
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