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Reactive Pistol Wielding Hostage Taker

Reactive Pistol Wielding Hostage Taker

Do you go for the head shot or the weapon shot on this hostage taker target? This target will test your skills with the 6" head flapper and small pistol flapper while still providing you with a large target area on the IPSC body. Both the hostage takers "head" and "pistol" flappers will swing around to the oppossite side when shot with most handgun and rifle cartridges . The 66% IPSC, flappers, and pivot points are all made of 3/8" AR500 for maximum durability. Powder coated for high visibilty and corrosion resistance. Comes with bolted on legs and this target is WELD FREE for maximum durability.


  • AR500 IPSC, head, and pistol flappers
  • IPSC body stands roughly 29" tall x 12" wide
  • Forward lean for bullet deflection - well suited for RIFLE use but works very well with HANDGUNS as well.
  • Very stable base included
  • WELD FREE design for maximum durability
  • Easy to pick up and take to any range
  • Powder coated for high visibility
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