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Rifle Spinner Kit

Rifle Spinner Kit

SKU: 0004

See if you can spin the target from 100 yards or more with a rifle, the real challenge is at 300 yards and beyond! Typically takes around 3 well timed hits from a 6.5 Creedmoor or similar cartridge to spin at 3-400 yards. 


  • Target faces are made of 3/8" AR500 to handle many rifle calibers
  • Pivot point is maintenance free and protected by the target faces
  • Zinc coated steel pivot bar resists rust if left outside
  • Breaks down in seconds with no tools for easy transportation
  • Top and bottom paddle are separate and interchangable with other sized paddles
  • Paddles are retained with 4 bolts each for better durability
  • Counterweight can be used to adjust the "at rest angle" of the target
  • Target is powder coated white for high visibility.


NOTE: The swaying spinner option is typically made to order and will delay shipping of your order, typically 3-4 weeks. Contact us for current lead times.

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